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Ammo Chips - Original Flavor - 2.5 oz Bag



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Dive into the unparalleled taste of our Original flavor Ammo Chip. 

The quintessential meat chip is born from the heart of a veteran's tradition. Each golden shard is a testament to resilience and dedication, crafted meticulously from prime cuts of ham, then crisped to perfection. This fusion of the chip's light, airy texture with the profound depth of pork creates an unforgettable symphony of flavor. Lightly seasoned to let the natural richness shine through, every crunch is a salute to authenticity and the enduring spirit of our heroes.

This isn't just a snack, but a declaration of pride — a blend of timeless culinary mastery with the honor of service. Taste the legacy.

Only 25 calories per won't want to stop eating them Gluten Free, Keto friendly.

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