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Ammo Chips - Butter Garlic Flavor - 2.5 oz Bag



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Embark on a mission of unmatched flavor with our Operation Savory Bite: Butter & Garlic Ammo Chip.

Conceived in the spirit of our veterans' steadfastness and precision, this meat chip is a masterstroke of culinary craftsmanship. Each crisp is infused with the creamy richness of butter, harmoniously balanced with the aromatic allure of freshly minced garlic. The gentle sizzle of the premium pork, paired with these two iconic ingredients, brings forth a gustatory experience that's both comforting and invigorating.

Every bite is not just a salute to flavor, but a nod to the dedication and valor of our brave servicemen and women. Dive into tradition, and taste the honor.

Only 25 calories per won't want to stop eating them Gluten Free, Keto friendly.

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