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Maple Beef Jerky - America's Beef Jerky - PLATOON SIZE (Half Pound)



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Dive into the comforting embrace of our Maple flavor Beef Jerky.

A luscious testament to time-honored traditions, each bite tells a story of dedication and passion. Sourced from the finest cuts, this jerky is bathed in genuine maple syrup, infusing it with a natural sweetness that's as profound as the valor of our veterans.

The mellow caramel notes of maple contrast harmoniously with the savory beef, creating a melody of flavors that resonate deeply with every bite. This isn't just a snack, it's a tribute to resilience and heritage, sealed with the rich essence of maple.

The smoky allure of maple syrup is expertly infused into our premium beef, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and savory. It's a taste that captures the essence of our heartlands, where traditions run deep, and the spirit of the nation shines through.

100% USDA Certified Beef – 100% AMERICAN!


Join us in celebrating the flavors of our homeland with Maple, because when you choose America's Beef Jerky, you're not just choosing jerky – you're choosing a taste as bold and authentic as the nation itself. Taste the freedom today!

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